IWC2022 SAKE部門 純米大吟醸TROPHY受賞

初亀 純米大吟醸 亀が世界最大のワイン品評会インターナショナル ワインチャレンジ2022 SAKE部門(総出品数:1,732点/純米大吟 醸部門:538点:金賞:23点におきまして純米大吟醸TROPHY(第1位)を受賞しました。
International Wine Challenge:略称 IWC)は、1984年からイギリス・ロンドンで毎年開催されている世界最大規模の酒類コンペティションです。

秘蔵純米大吟醸 亀


Although we initially started brewing this sake not to sell it but to master the art of sake brewing, we launched it commercially in 1977, and with a retail price of 10,000 yen, it became Japan’s highest-priced sake. Thanks to the support of our customers, it has been on the market for over 40 years and is the brewery’s signature sake. Following the 50 days to make this sake, we quickly pasteurize and bottle it before maturing it in a special cellar for 36 months or more below freezing. Over the course of this aging, the sake becomes as soft as silk, its complex aromas and flavors become remarkably cohesive and its taste is elevated to a more dignified, rounded character.Hatsukame junmai daiginjo kame won the best junmai daiginjo trophy in the sake category at the International Wine Challenge 2022 (total entries: 1,732 sake, 538 in the junmai daiginjo category. Gold winners: 23).

秘蔵純米大吟醸 亀

■ 原材料名:米(国産)、米麹(国産米) ■ 使用米:兵庫県東条産山田錦100% ■ 精米歩合:麹米55%・掛米60% ■ アルコール分:16% ■ 内容量:1800ml

■ Ingredients:Rice (produced in Japan), rice koji(produced in Japan) ■ Rice Variety:100% Yamada Nishiki grown in Tojo, Toku-A area of Hyogo Prefecture  ■ Rice Polishing Ratio:40% ■  ABV:16%  ■ Vol:1,800ml

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